Soo Line Living


We call the Soo Line Building City Apartments home. It’s the first of several planned luxury apartments to open downtown (The Nic on Fifth opened last month and 4Marq is currently under construction), and is connected to the Rand Tower, Canadian Pacific Plaza, and 5th Street Towers via skyway. Our one bedroom plus den is plenty of room for the 2-plus-dog of us, though it’s about half the size of our townhouse in California. The downsize/move I’ll save for another day (lots of swearing and sweating).

As is the trend in apartment living, the amenities are hotel-like, and the lobby resembles a boutique New York hotel rather than a Midwestern apartment building (I say that with love). If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and drop by. You can also check out the retail space, occupied by Brasserie Zentral, Foreign Legion, and Cafe Zentral.

The modern luxury of the lobby carries over to our apartment where, as you can see below, I went to town on the home accessorizing! As you’ll learn, one of my passions is interior design, so I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly.

 IMG_0690  IMG_0700

I’ve added a few more touches since I took these photos, but you get the gist (lots of color and sharp lines).  I plan to share where my favorite places to shop are,  and I hope to explore and incorporate more local brands in the future (not counting Target!).

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