I’m a Candle Fiend!

I’m a guy who loves scented candles! I’ll admit it! No shame in my flame (heh)! So, as the candle loving dude that I am I’d like to share some of my favorites. Overall, I tend to enjoy more masculine scents over softer or floral ones (not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying liliac apple blossom, fellas). Candles with notes of tobacco, leather, and woods are particular favorites of mine, and below are the best bets I’ve found with these scent profiles.


1. Speakeasy from Votivo has notes of bourbon, leather, and subtle caramel. In the summer, this is my go-to candle; I imagine this is what a saloon smelled like in 1895 (though I’m sure I’m way off on this one). The glass candle lasts about 50 hours and runs around $26 on Amazon.

2. Thymes’ Frasier Fir is one of the best pine scented candles I’ve encountered. While it’s obviously great at Christmas time (especially for those of us in apartment high rises who can’t drag actual pine trees into our home), I enjoy it all year long; it’s both warm and fresh! Also available on Amazon, it runs about $28 a pop for the 6.5 oz. jar. It runs about 40 hours, which is significant for a candle of the size.

3. The Indica candle from Aedes De Venustas is definitely a splurge at $85 for a 6.7 oz. jar, but it’s well worth it. The scent combines luxury and masculinity in a way I don’t think I’ve experienced before.  It has notes of cedar, blackcurrant, and rhubarb. It’s earthy undertone is perfect for spring cleaning or for a warm night on the balcony. You can find this one at Barney’s, and other online retailers.

4. Another one from Votivo, Bright Leaf Tobacco is rustic and spicy. Unlike Speakeasy, it is not sweet at all, but does share the tobacco notes. I like this candle for the times that I just want a subtle background scent that doesn’t overpower a room. Like most Votivo candles, you can find this on a number of online retailers; it’s currently running $26 on Amazon.

5. I’m most familiar with Nest Fragrances for its awesome Holiday Candle, but the Birchwood Pine Classic Candle is great for the fall. Its pine is more muted than most, which helps ease you into winter and the holiday season. Instead of pumpkin spice, this is my favorite candle for brisk October evenings. You can find this candle on both Amazon and Nest’s website running about $42 for a 3 wick jar.

So these are my favorite candles, keeping me relaxed throughout the year. And thanks to men’s grooming companies like Birchbox, there are more and more brands wanting to introduce candles tailored to men– I can’t wait to smell what’s next!

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