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Winter Chair

With the holiday decorations now gingerly tucked away in my tight (it’s frightening! you’ll never see it) accessories closet, I wanted to share some of the pics Douglas and I took throughout the season. I really got into the spirit this year, in no small part because of the Minneapolis climate. Having spent the last two years in Northern Cali, it was incredibly exciting to experience the holiday season in a more, let’s say, polar atmosphere. 

The first snowfall in mid-November was quite the shock to our systems (Ms. Nola was not happy!), but it immediately got me in the mood for my pine scented candles and our proud Home Depot artificial tree. I was able to control myself until the weekend after Thanksgiving before I went Christmas-crazy. A trip the American Swedish Institute’s Winter Wonderland accelerated the frenzy. The gift shop! Oh the gift shop! Take my money! All the money! Here are a few shots from our visit to the museum:

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I enjoyed the museum so much that I took my mother there on her visit in early January. The real benefit in visiting after the holidays is that the gift shop had amazing clearance deals. I shopped again! Probably no surprise to those who know me. While we’re on the topic, I need to give a shout out to the museum’s cafe, Fika. It’s honestly one of the best places we’ve eaten at in the city. Go there now.

For the week of Christmas, Douglas, Nola, and I headed south to New Orleans– where the weather was warm, but the spirit was warmer. Douglas’ mother, Rhonda, is basically the Martha Stewart of the south, so Doug’s ancestral home is an amazing place to spend Christmas. Rhonda always has a real tree, which seems like such a grown up thing to have. Maybe someday I’ll be adult enough to have one too.

photo (3)

Rhonda’s craftiness always inspires me to get my craft on, so my annual tradition is to decorate the crap out of our presents to the family. Here are a few gems from this year:

photo 1 photo 2 photo (3)

We stopped by a Michaels before we left to grab some wrapping gear at half price– next year will be epic. Always upping the ante!

The last couple of months in Minneapolis have been incredible. It’s been both a challenge and a joy adjusting to the climate (some describe it as cold!). But more than any other city, Minneapolis has really embraced it’s cold climate. There is so much to do and explore. I can’t wait to experience a couple more months of winter (okay, maybe like 4 more months). Below are a few photos of what we’ve seen/done/heard/decorated so far as official Minneapolitans (with a shot of Ms. Nola thrown in just because she’s so cute).



Above is beautiful shot of the partially frozen mighty Mississippi (photo by Douglas Gauthier). And below are a few pics also by Douglas Gauthier of Minnehaha Park and falls.

IMG_2576 IMG_2635

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