The Land of Nod is the land of adorable pygmy furniture!

Land of the Nod

This adorable mid-century modern bench/bookcase is from The Land of Nod. It felt a little weird buying a piece of furniture from a kids and baby store, but this childless loser will not be dissuaded from getting what he wants! Since we have a small space, finding furniture can be a challenge, so what better place to find pint-sized or pygmy furniture then from a children’s store. Perhaps I’ll keep Ms. Nola’s treats or toys in it to make myself feel better– she counts as a little one right?

In all seriousness though, the bench/bookcase is incredibly well made and very versatile (there’s a whole line of cutecuteycutecute bins you can use with it!). You can also add onto it, making it a taller bookcase– which means we can utilize it if we ever move into a larger space. For now I’m using it as an overflow for my accessories closet, and as a bonus area to display my CB2 addiction. Thanks for enabling me, The Land of Nod!


Photo by Douglas Gauthier

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