Before and After: Minnesota Rustic Mid-Century Modern Edition


Oh hi friends, look what Douglas and I did today– we took out the trash! Haha, no, we did much more than that. As you can see in the before photo, I had a gigantic white splotch above this not so attractive piece of furniture. In my house, that’s cause for a lot of consternation… and excitement! Time to get my project management on (don’t worry, no Excel spreadsheets were harmed in the making of this furniture rehab)!

I bought the shoe cabinet from Wayfair when we lived in California to, obviously, reign in our (fab) shoe collection. While it’s been great and done it’s job admirably, it’s not very attractive. Thanks to my newfound obsession with temporary wallpaper, though, I knew I could spruce up the cabinet in a jiffy. I settled on this rustic pattern from Chasing Paper called “Cabin Fever”– which is quite fitting since our new digs are in the wilds of Minnesota (there are bunnies hopping all over the place!). Of all places, I found that Anthropologie had the cutest, most complimentary hardware. For cabinet pulls, I went with white fixed rope handles:


These handles add texture and dimension to the freshly wallpapered cabinet, while also enhancing the modern rustic feel of the overall design. I could easily see these handles being used in a nautical themed design as well, so you know, go crazy you beach dwellers! (Totally unrelated, but I’m an amazing houseguest… especially in warm climates… near oceans… with water… invite…me.)

I’m massively in love with the drawer pulls we went with, also from Anthropologie:


These “saddler knobs” are so much fun– I find myself opening and closing the drawers just to spice up my nights! Again, they have a rustic flair that complements and adds to the “cabin fever” wallpaper.

And because I tend to go all in (ADDICT!) when I like something, rounding out the space is more wallpaper from Chasing Paper. This time we went with a mid-century print that’s more in line with the rest of our apartment. I was a little concerned that the wallpaper would clash with the new rustic shoe cabinet, but I’m very happy with the final result– who knew that rustic mid-century modern was a thing? A thing that could work.

Finally, the vases and candle holders are from (where else) CB2. And that adorable Minneapolis print on wood block is from an artist on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Before and After. May I never run out of before things, so that I can always keep after-ing them!


side viewAll photos by the amazing and wonderful and sunshine and kisses Mr. Douglas Gauthier.

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