Breaking Pretty Things

IMG_3495To the annoyance of our building’s concierge I do 90% of my shopping online (lots of awkwardly shaped packages!), so a trip to a CB2 is a big deal. On our latest visit, Douglas picked out one thing to my, well, just shy of a billion. The Betty Glass Teapot is gorgeous, and a great addition to our home! Except that I managed to break it before it even got into the apartment. The only thing I broke. The one thing Doug picked out. I broke it. One thing. Doug’s teapot. Me break things.

Honestly, there’s no conspiracy! I’m just a klutz! And a little rough with the gentle things. In any event, I ended up ordering a replacement online… because things are safer that way. So Doug got to finally use it, and it works great! It also photographs well, which is the point of this post. Check out that steam!


I also love the first photo, which shows off the adorable mugs I got from West Elm. And you can even make out the glass balls I just got from CB2. I never thought I’d have a use for glass balls, but they look damn fine in the sunlight. Excuse me while I go dust my balls… hopefully I won’t break them.

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