We’re having a heat wave… rip off your long johns!


We’re having a heat wave here in the Mini-Apple– it’s near 40 degrees! Which, apparently, is REALLY warm. People are all aflutter. The snow is melting! We’re discovering the cement and grass again! And we can expose our flesh for long periods of time! So, basically it’s spring!

Which, of course, means winter’s out OUT! and I’m on to my spring decor.

First things first, I had to change up the throw on our chair in the living room– it’s basically the first thing you see when you walk into our apartment– and thanks to your input on which throw to choose, I chose one. I chose a choice! Phew. And extra-super thanks to my friend Ashley for driving me to Crate & Barrel (we had to go on a highway!), I have it in my possession. That’s right, I didn’t have to test my patience with free 5 to 7 business days shipping, which basically means, “sometime whenever the hell they feel like it.”

During our brave highway journey, I also snagged a few spring accessories from CB2 and West Elm. In case you didn’t notice, I’m going with copper and shades of aqua for this spring’s color scheme. Admittedly, these colors seem to be en vogue, so I’m not exactly a maverick, or going rogue on the style community.


On the new and improved shoe cabinet, I added two stilt copper handle holders from CB2 and the balance rose gold letter holder, also from CB2. The letter holder is my attempt at making the space functional. YOU CAN HAVE FASHION AND FUNCTION… is what I tell myself.


So, of course, not every accessory has a place to go right away, and that’s okay (I read that somewhere, I promise). I’ll use the crap out of them soon, but for now they’re just posing for a pretty picture. And in no particular order, they are:

Thirteen Seafoam Vase from CB2

2 Stilt Small Aqua Candle Holders from CB2

Cosmos Metal Mint Placemat-Charger from CB2

Painted Metallic Table Runner in Gold from West Elm

Latke Platter from Crate and Barrel, which I can’t find on their website because Hanukkah is way over. BUT, it was on super clearance! Go there now and follow the red signs to the holiday clearance!

All in all, my spring decorating is coming along awesomely and rapidly– even though I live in the great white north and will not see 70 degrees for 4 more months. Yay (in sarcasm font)!

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