Not your momma’s wood paneling

I blame the 70’s for giving wood paneling a bad name. Folks went so crazy they put it on their cars! Can you imagine such a thing… wooden cars? That wouldn’t work at all! Plus, that’s just a style NOPE! I’m also against faux wood paneling in practice, anywhere. In theory, I understand that it might be cute– and I’d love to get ahold of some temporary wallpaper that matches my vision, but I haven’t found any yet. 

Having said all that, REAL wood paneling is back, baby! Pull out the beanbag chairs and lava lamps (ew, don’t… unless you’re also bringing out the fondue!). These designers have restored my faith in wood paneling:

I’m also obsessed with what Firelake Grill in Downtown Minneapolis (on the skyway!!) has done with wood paneling:

I’m telling you, those blue curtains are a real treat! The color contrasts are so striking, but comforting at the same time– and the orange chairs and copper countertops only enhance the overall effect. If I carried a purse, I might try to steal some stuff (JK! I’d probably need a suitcase).

Anyway, my little-itty-bitty-not-owned-by-me apartment is not about to get any wood paneling, but if you’re in the market– call me! I’ll make sure you do it right! And for the love of chiffon, please no more beanbag chairs!

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