My favorite tchotchkes


They’re gaudy, loud, and so so wrong– but you love them anyway! That’s how I feel about the various baubles and tchotchkes that find their way into my home. Of course you shouldn’t have too many of them (not on display anyway), but a few ugly, lovable trolls should always lurk about.

The rule of thumb that I follow for my, well, let’s call them “ornamental doodads,” is to treat them like pops of color– just a couple in each room go a long long way (NO CURIO CABINETS EVERRRR). So, without further ado, here are my favorite pieces of crap (the good kind of crap) that have squatter’s rights in my house:


Oh man, I love dinosaurs, but this thing (which doubles as a candle holder) is just so wrong. You might think that this was hanging out in a child’s room, but no! It’s holding down the fort in my living room. I love it, and it goes well with my dinosaur shirts! Remember that this is a judgement free zone.


This thing– ohsweetjesus– look at it! ITS A CHRISTMAS THEMED BAKING DISH. Who would ever need to use this monstrosity? No one! That’s who. Nevertheless, it’s a new find (from Antrhopologie) that has worked its way into my heart. So much so, in fact, that I proudly display it in my kitchen even though we’re a month past the holidays. I just want to give it a hug, it’s so ugly and weird.


I have a thing for owls. They’re stealthy, majestic, and just plain weird-looking. They can turn their heads almost all the way around, like Linda Blair on crack! It’s so disgusting! I love them! And need them all over my house. This owl, which works as a clown apparently, was a clearance item I could not resist. It makes its home in my favorite room, proudly taunting me as it bakes in the sunlight.


Look at these little jerks– all the way from Europe– just chilling on my buffet. They’re so tiny and fragile! And they fall-over all the time! I’m half tempted to leave them that way, but no, I always spend the requisite 4 minutes lifting them up into their proper positions. But, hey, my husband loves them, so there they stay, reminding me that I’m not as fancy as I think I am. And that’s a good thing.

So what are your favorite pieces of crap/tchotchkes/knick-knacks/baubles/doohickies? And, remember, I’m not here to judge or ridicule… unless it’s really ugly… then, this might be an intervention.

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