Yo, President Lincoln, copper isn’t just for pennies anymore!

IMG_3838 2All the bits and bobs for my spring table setting have finally come together! I warned you about the copper and shades of aqua, didn’t I? Oh, and looky there– it’s all over the place! In spite of that (or because of it), I dig it. The runner that I was so full of angst about actually turned out to be pretty okay! I would love to see the runner on a wooden table– maybe this one— but, there’s no room at our casa for a big juicy table. For now, we’re happy with our Ikea Gateleg table— which is a bit like living with a Transformer (man, how kickass would a modular table Transformer be?)!

True to form, there’s a lot of CB2 going on here:

With a smattering of these guys:

IMG_3683 2

Douglas, as usual, knocked it out of the park with some night-time candlelit pics:IMG_3737IMG_3779IMG_3745IMG_3751IMG_3799IMG_3797

Other than the wooden table, the only other thing I would add is, um, chairs. I forgot about those! Which of these would you choose for this setting?


A. Copper Real Good Chair by Blu Dot

B. A Herman Miller from Wayfair 

C. Modern Ash Wood Rocker in Aqua from Dot & Bo

D. Orbit White Arm Chair by CB2

I had a lot of fun putting together this table setting– it even made me feel a little bit crafty! And I hope it made you feel just as excited about the return of copper to the scene as I was. We need more copper! Melt all the pennies!

(don’t really… even though they’re worthless).

  One thought on “Yo, President Lincoln, copper isn’t just for pennies anymore!

  1. Jenny Dillon
    February 23, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    I love this! There is great detail without it being too much. The colors are wonderful!!!


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