An entryway revamp


As some of you know, I updated our entryway a couple of months ago, but I never featured it on this site. It’s one of my favorite rooms (I use that term loosely) so I wanted to give it a shout-out. 

We’re adjusting to our first Minnesota winter relatively well, but we discovered pretty quickly that we needed a more helpful entryway– so I created the modern industrial mini mudroom!

First, I added the Agra Yellow Runner from Crate and Barrel (which is no longer available because everything is terrible)– it’s not only gorgeous, but hides dirt like no one’s business. And if you’ve seen Ms. Nola’s dirty Minneapolis street paws after a walk, you know just how important this is. It might be my favorite rug ever… I need like six more of them! Next, I picked out the Dylan Bench from CB2 because it fits the space so damn well. I mean, look at it! LOOK AT THE PERFECT FIT! It scratches that OCD itch oh so well. Also, it’s sleek and modern and beautiful. How bad can that be (holla at my girl, Ina!)?

Because the bench has an industrial flair, I decided to go with a concrete wallpaper from Chasing Paper (and, no, I’m not a paid sponsor… though I should be!). It doesn’t overwhelm the small space, but it definitely heats it up! The silver cushion coat hooks from CB2 perfectly enhance the industrial look– which is good, because that’s what I wanted.

And because it’s not a mudroom without one, I added a boot tray from Crate and Barrel. I had no idea how ridiculously important a boot tray was until I had one. It’s certainly better than mucking up a towel or your floors with wet and muddy boots/paws. Again, its industrial essence maximizes the look and functionality of the mini-space. Go team!

Okay, so I never got a “before” shot of the space, but I can assure you it was ewgrossyuck. Well maybe not that bad, but it was bland and definitely not useful. Now go out and get yourself a mudroom– I know some of you (what’s up New York!) will be begging for one very soon!

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