I’m writing about dishtowels– oh dear.


I recently came to the realization that I’m a dishtowel fetishist. I clearly have no shame about it– I love em’, and I have bunches and bunches to choose from!  Of course, I have my favorites– like every doting parent does (don’t lie). There are the ones that are too nice to use; there are some that are best for clean up; there are a few that are extra soft on my delicate ginger hands; and there are some that ought to be taken out back and Old Yellered.

I have many thoughts about this particular quirk of mine– one, is anyone else a dishtowel sycophant? Two, are there any companies designing dishtowels for the male aesthetic (which, of course, is just a social construct!)? And, three, how ridiculous am I? In all seriousness, though, men are taking on a larger share of the household chores, so wouldn’t it be a good business opportunity to market cleaning products to dudes/bros/brahs? A quick google search didn’t find any businesses that were doing this, but a few etsy shops are making some masculine hipstery dishtowels:


Not bad, I guess–  straight men like camping, hipster glasses, and beer!

Okay, so maybe I don’t actually want any dude dishtowels, but I can imagine there’s a market out there for them– get on that someone who isn’t me!

I digress… now let’s get back to indulging my dishtowel lust– here are a few of my favorites:


Target’s Threshold brand has cute everything, but I especially like some of their dishtowels. For the price, they are very good quality and soft. If you wash your hands a lot (and you should!), these are gentle on your blizzard chapped paws.

CB2 has a limited, but cute collection. Now these are the look but don’t touch kind. Here they are looking fabulous and untouchable in my apartment:


Of course not all dishtowels can be just pretty to look at– we need something to clean up our Pinterest fails! For that, my go to towels are by Claudia Pearson from West Elm. They are adorable, but also awesomely functional. They scrub well, absorb water like a champ, and don’t wrinkle like an aging starlet in the dryer! I hate wrinkly dishtowels! Look at that cute weenie dog:


I have approximately 70 billion more dishtowels I could rave about, but these are my go-to must-haves need-nows. What are yours? Do you have any precious cherished dishtowels? Is that not a thing? Am I completely ridiculous? Please reassure me. Now.

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