Swiping my way to style!


One of the reasons why I think I’m decent at interior design is that I’m a visual learner. I crave images, not words (reading is for loserz)– and with every image I consume, I learn what my preferences are and I evolve/grow/change my style to match. Trust me, I’ve come a long way since my days as an almost exclusive Ikea shopper (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). 

To get my fix for a near constant stream of design images, I turn to Houzz— which is basically Tinder, but for cute rooms. Officially, though, it’s described as an online community made up of both professional and amateur designers who share images of their work; there are literally millions of photos to view! I use Houzz’s iPad app, which allows you to explore photos by swiping from one photo to the next (using the touchscreen, obviously), saving the ones that inspire you into “ideabooks.” And girlrrrl, let me tell you, I swipe through those images like a coke-fueled Lohan sister on Tinder! Seriously y’all, I’ve racked up something like 500 photo ideas in my day– and that’s me trying to be judicious! The benefits of using Houzz in this way are twofold: one, you get ideas (duh) and, two, you discover what your style is. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly wondering how to describe my style (not that I have to, i know! but I want to! so shush!).

Going though the pictures in my ideabook, I’ve noticed a few trends:

1. I loooooove mid-century modern. This comes as no surprise to me, but it’s useful to see that there are specific elements of the style that I can incorporate in my more mishmash designs. More specifically, I’m a sucker for mid-century modern coffee tables and arm chairs:

2. Wood paneling is da bomb, if done right. I’ve already written a screed on this! For the near future, though, I’m not going to attempt any wood paneling so as to avoid becoming a #HouzzFail meme.

3. I was surprised by how many photos had a punch of orange in them. Maybe that’s my signature color? I like orange. It’s a color!

4. Hardwood is the best wood. Seriously, though, most of the images I was drawn to were of non-carpeted rooms. I’m not entirely against carpeting, so that’s a bit revelatory!

5. Traditional is no bueno. Well, to me anyway. A large share of the photos are of very modern rooms. I knew I liked modern, but I’m beginning to realize how much I HATE traditional. And that goes for floral-prints-on-anything too!

So, obviously, I’m a strong advocate for using Houzz as a tool for designers. I’ve spent a lot of time on it. It makes me feel inspired. And it’s the most fun I’ve had swiping anything in a long time! So there’s that.

What do you think about Houzz? Do you use it? Is there a better tool for exploring and understanding your style preferences out there (AND, NO, BUZZFEED QUIZZES DONT COUNT)?

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