We walked on water… like Jesus!

IMG_3983Okay, spoiler… it was frozen water. But we still walked on it! And I’m sure at some point in my Rocky Mountain upbringing I walked on a frozen lake, but for Douglas, it was his first time. The first time is always a thrill! There’s something that seems so wrong about walking out onto a body of water– a little naughty even.

The lake is known as Lake of the Isles and is only about 4 miles from our apartment. The very quick trip was a part of our Minneapolis assimilation, and it was a lot of fun, if not a little cold (duh)! There were, of course, a ton of people out and about– on skates… speed skating. Like, Apollo Ohno-ing all over the place! It’s was pretty cool, but the most spectacular thing about Lake of the Isles is the homes that surround it. Take a gander at this one, which I want to squat in until the owners get annoyed and bequeath it to me:


The homes around the lake run in the low millions, so not gonna happen, but it’s fun to dream! And there’s a lot of dreaming to be had because Lake of the Isles is only one of like 10,000 lakes left to explore. Luckily, there’s a book for that! Holla!


And here’s a couple more shots from our day pretending to be Jesus:

IMG_3975  IMG_3972

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