Guys, I think the 80’s are back

The-Golden-Girls-the-golden-girls-31423896-1600-1066No, no don’t worry, shoulder pads will remain where they belong– on stage with Cher. But, really, I think the 1980’s aesthetic might be making a Bea Arthur sized comeback.

I was watching the Golden Girls this morning (walking stereotype hello!) and I realized that some of that Miami old lady chic is bleeding into current trends. For example, coral! Have you seen all the pale pink coral on the loose out there? It’s kind of ridiculous. And I must have some. Lucky for me, Nate Berkus’ spring line for Target is bursting with some Blanche Devereaux realness:



And look at this lampshade— did Nate steal it from Molly Ringwald’s storage unit?


And it’s not just Nate Berkus who’s making us reminisce about Reaganomics and the Brat Pack– look at this chair from David Bromstad:


Friends, the color of the chair is called “butter.” BUTTER! And it’s in velvet! That is some Deborah Winger in Terms of Endearment levels of the Eighties.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of it! You can definitely make a butter colored velvet chair work in the right living room. However, let’s ease into this 80’s nostalgia designing, okay? Please no green shag carpeting. Or any color shag for that matter. We can totally bring back pale pinks and pale blues, within reason…  like this vase and flower arrangement, which are very 80’s, but very very cute:

pale blue

I’m also down for golden and brass accessories, like these:


A. ai bud vase gold from CB2

B. glitterati gold pillow from CB2

C. brass porthole mirror from Dot & Bo

D. vintage brass elephant from Dot & Bo

And this modern take on the 80’s rainforest wallpaper would be cute in a bright room, maybe even with some golden furniture and coral accessories:


Um, and for now, let’s keep the wicker outside (I looked and looked for some cute modern indoor wicker furniture, and it did not go well).

P.S.- HAPPY GRAMMY AWARDS NIGHT! Here’s hoping we get 1980’s Madonna tonight (please God no Ray of Light)! Scrunchies! Floor humping! Forever!

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