I heart the lumbersexuals

IMG_4101If there’s any modern micro-trend I can get behind it’s the lumbersexual. Like most trends, the gays and lesbians have been doing it for a long time… way to catch up straighty!

If you were to look in our closet, behind the Cher dolls (just kidding! I swear! they’re Britney dolls!), you would find a robust collection of flannel and plaid. The thing is, plaid is a clever way to combine bright colors with masculinity, which can be superduper difficult. So, that’s why us gays are all about the husky plaids. And, well, for the woof (gays no what I’m talkin’ bout).

The lumbersexual accessories are just icing on the firewood shaped cake– you’ve got the big leathery hunky hiking boots, the virile bushy beards, the sexual form fitting jeans, and the totally not at all useful axes. Yes, axes are totally a thing now. Bespoke Post tried to send me one, but this an axe free home (I prefer my wood precut). Wool blankets, log carriers, tin mugs, and smokey candles round out the lumbersexual staples. Basically, anything you would bring camping is now becoming chic for home design.

lumbersexual.jpgA. Flannel pullover from Best Made B. Abe Canvas Boot from Caterpillar C. American Felling Axe from Best Made D. Faribault Wool Blanket from CB2 E. Log Carrier from J.W. Hulme F. Old Fashioned Candle from Askov Finlayson

Okay, so maybe living in Minnesota has gotten to me, but I’m not mad at Millennial men for picking up the lumbersexual look. It’s a whisker better than the hipster look, which I feel like is just an excuse not to groom/bathe. And here’s the key to the lumbersexual look– guys, you only want to look like you’re camping, please don’t smell like you’re camping. Keep your beards neatly trimmed and your flannels food debris free! The lumbersexual lifestyle requires effort, so now that you straighties have co-opted our “bear” look, please don’t fuck it up– like you did with skinny jeans.

Here’s a bonus Nola shot. Note her adorable lumbersexual blanket. So butch, Ms. Nola! Snaps for you!


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