Preserving Madonna (not that one)


I was flipping through my latest HGTV magazine— and yes, I was in a bubble bath. And yes, I was burning my apple blossom Yankee Candle (now on sale at Target!)– when I came across a brilliant idea. In the current house tour, a woman turned a note from her grandmother into a glass tray. It’s really a lovely way to both preserve and showcase a meaningful memento. 

My grandmother, Madonna, passed away four years ago. And like any gay boy with a grandmother named Madonna, I was obsessed with her. She was fabulous. She was beautiful and glamorous and sassy– so, basically just like me (heh). When I was packing for our move from Cali, I found a few cards and notes that she sent me over the years. Rather than keep them in some box in my overcrowded closet, I’d like to find a way to incorporate them into my home decor.

Here’s what I’ve got to work with: a few pictures and a two cards that include such sage advice as “keep your nose clean.” Thanks, Grandma!


So, I want to show off this pretty lady while saving the items from bottomless pit known as my closet (seriously, I think I found a pickle spear down there). Here are some of my ideas:

1. Modern framing:


Wexel Art makes these floating acrylic frames that are really modern and easy to install. The frames use magnets to keep the art in place, which is pretty cool. I could display the cards/photos in a few frames, and then mount on the wall in a fun way. I’ve still got some wall real estate, so this might be a-okay.

2. Serving tray:


I could place the cards on the bottom of this tray and lacquer the hell out of it. I do wonder if this might be a bit too traditional for my taste, but it’s an interesting thought… maybe? Lacquer? Am I crazy?

3. The HGTV idea- single glass tray


So like in the tray in the above pic, I could select a few snippets from the cards and turn them into a smaller piece– maybe for keys, jewelry, or change. I’d have to figure out how to do it, but I’m up for the challenge. Okay, it will probably be a disaster, but at least we’ll all have a good laugh (AT MY EXPENSE AS USUAL),

4. Vase

I could pick a vase, like the one below, and decoupage the shit out of it. I mean, just really glue the hell out of it. I’d throw some sexy flowers in it and make it pose for pictures. THOUGHTS?!?!


5. Other. What would you do? Nothing too twee, but give me something cute! And maybe a splash masculine! Make it butch (in the voice of Tim Gunn)!

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