Oh how convenient


Have you ever been running out the door and needed to know what the temperature was like, RIGHT NOW? Or what the radar looked like to see if you needed an umbrella? Or what Cher had to say on Twitter (OMG you need to check her feed out immediately)? Well, Douglas and I have come up with a solution for that!

We took our old, sad, and lonely last generation iPad and put it back in use! We installed a shelf on the wall adjacent from our door and entry area (which I’ve written about before), where the iPad can now rest and be at our disposal for our last minute information gathering– like important celebrity tweets!

The shelf, from West Elm, is “brushed nickel” metal and matches the look of the entry area, which has a decidedly industrial vibe.


The other integral piece that I bought for this look is the mirror. It’s nothing too fancy, and I got it from Amazon. It’s a 14″ round mirror wrapped in a faux brown leather strap. For the cost, it looks great:


Rounding out this industrial wall makeover is the hook, which I got from CB2. The “leaning edge aluminum wall hook” is so sleek and sexy that I bought a couple more for future projects. For now, this one is doing its part to make this look work. You betta werk! Which is something I would never say in the style of RuPaul! No, never! Now, sashay away, dear reader.

In all seriousness, though, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but it’s pretty cool. It’s some futuristic shit! It reminds me of Back to the Future Part II (the best in the trilogy IMHO). And this quick project has really transformed the space. We’ve now got a new use for an older technology and, as an added bonus, the fugly electrical box is mostly hidden away by the hooks I added below the shelf. Note that I placed Con-Tac shelf liner in the bottom of the shelf to keep the iPad from sliding/falling on Ms. Nola.


Thoughts on this industrial wall makeover and iPad retirement program?

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