In honor of the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere…

IMG_4182 Haha! Just kidding! Can you imagine? I’d rather listen to a drunk Sarah Palin explain the founding of America than see that movie! But, hey, whatever gets middle class white people’s jollies off. That movie is paired nicely with Applebee’s 2 for $20, by the way. You’re welcome, Todd! or Bob! or James! or whatever your vanilla name is! Enjoy date night!

Anywhoosie, with all the romance in the air (gag me with Lindsay Lohan’s dirty coke finger!) I’d like to unveil my bedroom to you fine folks! It’s where the magic happens! By that I mean, it’s where Ms. Nola farts in her sleep.


The newest additions are the pillow cases that I got from, where else, CB2. The Origin Grid pillow cases were created by a student from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. SAIC student Allison Rokusek based her design on grids, which she believes “have forever been the strongest and most simple form of organization, from small lines on graph paper to streets in large cities. They help section the world into more digestible pieces.” And girl, that’s exactly what I was thinking– these pillow cases make me want to organize shit! Yo go, Allison Rokusek! The grid-like wallpaper and throw pillows compliment this geometric look.


So, yeah, I like orange. And look, there’s like fifty shades of grey here (OH GOD JUST STOP)!

Here’s quick list of some of the items in our bedroom:

Mid-Century Nightstands in acorn from West Elm 

Perfect Throw in mandarin from West Elm 

Nook Queen Bed in stone from Blu Dot 

Sexy Hexy Wallpaper from Chasing Paper 

The throw pillows were from EQ3 and Dot & Bo, but are no longer available.

The quilt is DKNY and I got it on clearance (of course!) from Bed Bath and Beyond.

So now you know what my bedroom looks like. And that makes me very uncomfortable. But, hey, at least I didn’t overshare, like some people.

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