baberaham lincolnToday I went into West Elm and asked if they had stuff. And guess what, guys?! They had stuff! So, I bought some stuff! Actually, there were some damn good deals to be had out there because today’s the day we celebrate our country’s leaders as if they were monarchs even though we went to war to not have monarchs. Or something. Yay America!

My delicious patriotic finds include:

Kate Spade Saturday Round Box (which also included a free mug with my purchase– and you all know how I feel about free shit):


This copper geometric candle, which is no longer available because I got the last one at a cheap a$$ price! You snooze you lose, you cow-tippers!IMG_4337

OMG how could I resist this marble and wood polyhedron?! I mean, its volume = nAr/3. Is your volume nAr/3? I didn’t think so.IMG_4342

Finally, this adorable hand stamped vase in a thin stripe was a no brainer. I think it’s classy, but my friend Ashley said it looked like a giant chef’s hat. Well, whatever, I hope it cooks me brownies in my sleep. IMG_4356I’m so excited to have a West Elm at my disposable thanks to my trusty steed, Ashley and her Prius (low carbon footprint, bitches!). As a bonus, this West Elm is in a town called Edina (pronounced Eh-dine-ah), which is next to the Total Hockey and an ice rink. I felt like such a hockey mom! Or maybe a pitbull with lipstick? Or Sarah Palin in a mini-van? Something frighteningly sexy that’s for sure! I don’t think y’all are ready for this jelly.

Happy President’s Day!

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