Skyway Living on skyway living (spoiler alert, it’s fun!)


It’s been as cold as a witch’s titty around here (oh that’s classy, Jeremy), so we’ve been all about the skyway. Last weekend we discovered a fun new restaurant that we can get to without venturing out into the subzero temps.

On our way to the restaurant, Douglas took some amazing photos of our life from inside the skyways. And because this blog is called Skyway Living… needs more skyway living.


This is Hennepin Avenue looking southwest towards the theater district.


This is the northeast view of Hennepin Ave– see the choo choo?!


I don’t remember what I was pointing at, but it was probably a polar bear. Just kidding! There are no polar bears here– it’s too cold.


Look, I’m in color! Dorothy finds her way to the Emerald City


The building with the white stair-like roof is the IDS Center, which is where scenes from Purple Rain and The Mary Tyler Moore Show were shot– basically, it’s the most fabulous building in town!


A standard skyway– I feel like a giant gerbil!


A view from the inside. Not so claustrophobic!

And a bonus sassy Ms. Nola shot– in this photo, she really earns her diva reputation:IMG_4279

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