This bitch right here


Apparently today is #LoveYourPetDay, so I’m all about my bitch today. She’s sassy, classy, and downright adorable. From her ridiculous underbite, to her comically short arms, Ms. Nola keeps us laughing and on our toes!


She loves to sleep (who doesn’t) and will do it pretty much anywhere (that’s what she said). Here she is Christmas morning gettin’ her Z’s on.  And, oh man, she’d kill me if she knew I posted this photo! Girl, no one looks good from this angle. Don’t fret.


Here she is doing her best to look cute. “Oh you like them floppy ears, don’t you.” She knows how to ham it up– especially for ham! This bitch likes her pork.


This is Nola’s standard look– curiosity mixed with sheer terror. It’s usually a response to when someone gets up in her grill. Step off, aighhht.

This is our attempt at being classy. She’s in her Sunday best– a coat that her grandmother Rhonda made– while we soak up the sunset. The only problem is that, and we’re going to whisper this… she’s gotten a little fat. Yeah, I said it. Your eyes cannot avoid those saggy nipples. Sorry bout’ it. We’re working on it though. She’ll be in her bikini bod by spring. Haterz.

IMG_3063Kisses, y’all! From the baddest bitch in the MSP!

Happy #LoveYourPetDay

  One thought on “This bitch right here

  1. Jenny Dillon
    February 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Nola is so cute! I love her!


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