Do I want this?


Do you ever see something and think “My stars! What a fascinating, but maybe useless doohickey! Do I actually want this?” This is a question I ask myself several times an hour (I have a lot of free time! So what!). Sometimes it’s because I’m trying to be budget conscious, but mostly it’s because the tchotchke is so delightfully useless and puerile that I’m not sure I want it in my home. My very classy home. Class not ass, as they say!

So welcome to this new feature of Skyway Living, dear reader, wherein I ask, do I want this?

Today’s item is the Jackalope Ceramic Wall Hanger from Domino. I’m most immediately drawn to it because of the color combo. It’s also equally parts adorable and frightening. And it might be quirky enough to work, but I’d also have to find a space for it. And I’m running very low on space. Maybe if I get rid of that baby Jesus on my wall?

VOTE HERE NOW (you know I’m serious because it’s in red! So, vote bitch!):

  One thought on “Do I want this?

  1. theambsterashley
    February 23, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    That is lovely, but I’ve been eyeing this one: It’s larger, but a bit less “out there.”


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