Carrying on Indiana Jones’ style (and I think my dog is the Grail Guardian)

grail.jpgIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade was one of my favorite movies growing up. I also posses a very useful (haha) degree in Anthropology in small part because of that movie’s very inaccurate portrayal of archeology (THANKS GEORGE LUCAS). So, when I found out my dog was the Grail Guardian I was beside myself with glee. I had a feeling about her. Now I just need to find the damn grail– Ms. Nola is a very sneaky hider.

To keep myself busy while I wait for Ms. Nola to crack (and she will; I’ve got lot’s of treats), I’ve been thinking about how I might try to incorporate Indiana Jones’ style into my everyday look, because why the hell not? And no, I’m not going to wear a fedora or leather jacket. So, don’t worry! I’ll leave that to Shia Labeouf to ruin for everyone.

So, for reference, here’s the original in all of his rugged gloriousness:

Feature_LastCrusade-medNow, you might be thinking “how the hell do you expect me to walk around the streets of my mid-sized American town looking like Indiana Jones without ending up on People of Walmart?” Well, you’d be right to worry about being featured on that carnival freak-show of a website, but because you’ll be wearing the modern accessories shown below there’s no need to fret. Each of these items give just a nod to Dr. Jones’ look, so you won’t end up looking a 1980’s mess.

indiana.jpgAll of the accessories are from one of my favorite places to shop for men’s apparel, Asos. The satchel is very professorial, like Dr. Jones himself. Plus, it has a lot of pockets. I like that. I need my pockets. For gobstoppers and watermelon lip balm. Don’t you judge me.

Moving on, the leather strap bracelet’s roman numerals should be worn in honor of the best library scene ever of any movie ever (except maybe Ghostbusters… maybe). Wear it when it’s a bit warmer, and when you can roll your sleeves up to show it off. What I’m trying to say is, don’t wear it with short sleeves. In fact, never wear short sleeves you hairy animal. Dr. Jones would never be caught in short sleeves. Thank you for your cooperation!

I love this watch. The second hand is an airplane! How adorable very masculine! Only a butch guy like Indy would wear this watch. I promise. Go ahead, wear it to the next NASCAR or WWE event in your town or unincorporated area. You’ll be a hit! Or something! Seriously, though, I do love this watch and it definitely reminds me of our favorite trilogy (Crystal Skull NEVER happened, okay?).

The wallet is reminiscent of a leather notebook that Indiana might carry around– one that holds various secrets. Like where the grail is! Or why the irreverent Kate Capshaw wasn’t cast in all of 3 of the films? I needed more musical numbers! More pizzazz! More jazz hands! Oh well, at least we have this fabulous wallet.

Okay guys (and ladies who dress their guys), go get your Indiana Jones on! Show the world how much you appreciate these wonderful films! And warn the next generation that they better not screw up the reboot! Or we may not go see it (more than once anyway)! And for god’s sake, please don’t let Ariana Grande be involved in any aspect of the new movie. I will be moderately angry, Mr. Spielberg! You’ve been warned!

Oh, and please please please carry on Indiana Jone’s cool ass style! Chris Pratt is a good start.

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