One tray three ways– just how I like my Friday nights


I love my white hi-gloss tray from CB2. It’s like a blank canvas for me to get my craft on. Basically, it makes me feel like those gay brothers on HGTV. I like that. A lot.


This first tray’s design is simple, and evokes a sense of serenity. It would provide a nice backdrop for a romantic date night. Or a Netflix binge. Or a cake binge, as in my case. Whatever gets your goat.

Some of the items from this tray include the bennie low vase-planter from CB2, the marble and wood polyhedron from West Elm, and the viggo napkin ring that I fashioned into candle holders. How very muthaflippin’ Macgyver of me! IMG_4611


This design is probably my favorite– it made me feel very fancy. I mean, as if I sit around drinking tea. Who am I, the Queen Mother (ohmygod I wish!)?

What really makes this tray POW! BAM! is the cabin fever wallpaper from Chasing Paper that I cut into strips and formed into crosses. The wonderfully textured belay black-white salad plates add to the modern rugged look. I also used the gilded dapper animal mugs from West Elm, the ray ray aqua teapot from CB2, and the ai bud vase in gold from CB2 in this design.
IMG_4620 IMG_4630 IMG_4636


This tray has dessert and booze as its main motif, so actually maybe (really) it’s my fav! The real star of this look, though, is the sunburst wallpaper from Chasing Paper. And playing off it’s bright and crisp feel, I made some apple-y drink that is a glass of alcohol, also. Just so you know. Liquor inside.

The yummy banana muffins were made by yours truly, which means they probably also contain alcohol. These delicious beasts are sitting on a plate from Nate Berkus’ fall Target line, which means– no bueno– they ain’t available no mo’! I love them, and wish I would’ve bought 10 more when they were on clearance (if it’s not on sale, I don’t buy it! Rules to live by.) Anyway, the napkin and vase were also from Target… and also no longer available. The coupe glasses are available, however, from West Elm. Currently on sale, I might add.

IMG_4647 IMG_4642 IMG_4653

Bonus Nola tray shot!

Don’t worry, I cleaned those glasses afterwards! I think… well, it’s probably best to just drink from the faucet next time you’re over.

Have a good Friday night grind, you freaks!

IMG_4571(Remember yesterday when I said that Ms. Nola was more like a lovely Dutch woman than a dog? Yeah. There it is. This is how she demands that she eats her treats. She is adorably exhausting.)

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