I’m a sicko


Giiirrrl, she looks how I feel!

Sorry, hunnies! I know I’ve been out of commission, but I’ve been sick. In multiple ways. Let me count them, 1… 2… okay, just 2 ways. And, of course, those ways are physically and mentally. Though my physicality is feeling better, my mind is still sick sicky sick sick. Let me explain, shan’t I? 

Let’s get right to the NSFW-ness:

Over the weekend… God, I’m so embarrassed…. I’m so twisted… my brain smells like farts… help me!… Douglas and I decorated a Christmas tree. In March. How sick is that?! You guys, it’s so gross! I am so sorry!

In all realness, I found this glass tube Christmas tree on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious clearance from CB2. Now, I don’t really think it looks all that Christmasy, but that won’t stop the haters. Bring it on, juiceheads!


See, no green or red to be found! In fact, the neutral colors do not indicate that this is intended for holiday cheer at all. So, just to spite all the no-more-holiday haters, I decided to decorate the shit out of this tree anyway. In March. Near St. Patrick’s Day. And Easter. Mental health be damned!

We found these copper string lights at Target in their way-too-early-for-Minnesota spring and garden section. Such a tease, that Target.


I very carefully wrapped the lights around the glass tubes. And by very carefully, I mean not all. I literally did it in 30 seconds. I spent more time picking my nose this morning.


I know it may be controversial to have a foreign president address a joint session of Congress Christmas decoration be a part of my decor year-around (and, yes, it does make me feel a little bit like Little Edie from Grey Gardens), but momma don’t care! I like it. And it’s going to stay. IMG_4712At the end of the day, it actually pairs quite nicely with the Minnesota rustic I’ve got going on in this corner of the apartment. Plus, it’s very romantical and cozy at night. So, suck it haters and mental health experts!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Seacrest out.

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