Ah crap, I bought it

IMG_4791You voted and, well, it looks like I did want it! So, thank you! I’m sure my husband, who I know voted against it because I watched him vote in this “anonymous” poll, thanks you too! Sorry, Douggie! Blame it on the voters! Just like we did with Bush Jr.!

Anyway, the Jackalope Ceramic Wall Hanger from Domino is just as adorable in person as you’d imagine. Plus, it’s a bit bigger and more substantial than I expected. So, that’s nice! Good job, jackalope!

Since it’s now my pride and joy (sorry Nola), I wanted to display it prominently in the apartment. So, what better place then in the mudroom? It’s the first thing you see when you walk in, and it’ll be the last thing we see before the revolution. Yay! Here it is just being all cute and nekkid:

IMG_4780  And here it is being all useful and stuff (unlike some other cute mammals in this house):IMG_4783So now Douglas has something to look forward to when he walks in after a long, long day of work. I’m sure he will appreciate what I’ve done for him. He better.

Thanks for voting in this round of “Do I want it?” It looks like we’ve had another successful mission, A-Team. I love it when a plan comes together!

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