Sunday night picture dump


Hey y’all, we did stuff this weekend! And we documented it via a device called a camera! Heard of it? It’s great fun! Here are some of the images we captured today– a glorious day that marked the first time we went above freezing in 39 days… that’s 32 degrees for those of you who don’t know science (like, for example, no offense, most of the people in the Republican party. No offense. Oh, none taken? Why, thank you!) 


This is the future home of the Minnesota Vikings. But it’s also home to Super Bowl LII, where Cher and Price will share a controversial kiss! Looking forward to it!


This is a tall pretty building where governmental things happen. The Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson knows this building well! Ask him which bathroom is best to use if you’re ever in town. Trust me, he’ll know.


Something pretty.


Look! We found the gay stained glass maker! Had to be at least one in Minneapolis! Happy pride everyone!


Look at those fabulous boots! All surrounded by a loving McDonald’s yellow glow! Mmmm french fries.

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