Good design, bad design


I’m a helper, so I want to make sure that you, my precious people, are not falling victim to bad design trends. There’s nothing more embarrassing than waking up surrounded by orange chiffon curtains! Or black leather walls! How frightening! So, without doling out too much haterade, here is one current design trend I just cannot abide by…

Fringed wall tapestries. For the life of me I just can’t imagine a room where these would look good in. To me they scream… well, that’s just it, they scream. Now, I understand that these pieces can have cultural or historical meanings for people. But (and this is a big butt), that’s only true if you, or a loved one, or an ancestor made the yarned beasts yourselves– and I ain’t seen no looms in your houses. So, new rule: if you didn’t handcraft it with all the finest yarn and loom-ery in the land, please don’t put it on your wall. If I see one of these monstrosities hanging on your walls, I will consider it a cry for help, and I will call Adult Protective Services. I am a helper!tapestry.jpg

The perpetrators, from left to right: Nate Berkus Fringed Wall Art from Target; Distant Lands Wall Art from Dot & Bo; Chevron Wall Tapestry from West Elm

Okay, since I’m such a ball of sunshine and have a face that smells of pine needles, I want to share one design trend that I do love right now: metal studded throw pillows:

studpillows.jpgFrom left to right: Nate Berkus Stud Pillow from Target; Studded Velvet Rings Pillow from West Elm; Studded Pillow from Etsy

And, yes, I know that these pillows probably won’t be comfortable. But why the hell are you trying to use one of my throw pillows to get cozy with, anyway? Hm? Hm? Don’t do it again!

Smiles! Happy spring!

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