Man bags


For a long time I’ve been reluctant to embrace my love for man bags because well, they’re kind of like purses, but fuck it (i.e. down with the patriarchy), I LOVE MAN BAGS. Where the hell else would I carry all my masculine lip balms and hand lotions?! And you never know when you’ll need kleenex or a chocolatey snack (note to self: choose a less melty snack for the summer). Basically, I feel naked without a man bag. And I think all the mens should be wearing them!

You might be thinking that a man bag isn’t for you, but I’m here to tell you there’s a style for every flavor of man. Fellas, here’s what’s up:

You’ve got daypacks for the casual man on the go. I own the bag on the left, and I get more compliments on it than Ms. Nola gets doggy treats (trust me, that’s a lot). Both bags are from H2H and are modern and inexpensive, two things you don’t always find together. Light with lots of pockets, these bags are essential for the borderline hoarder in your life!


Next up, we’ve got your sporty bags– you know, for the sporty types. I know nothing about what might go in them, but I imagine (hope?) jock straps are involved. The cute one on the left is from H & M and the orange bag on the right is an Under Armour. 

sport2.jpgFor the more classically styled man, it’s a safe bet to go with a messenger bag. Both stylish and masculine, these bags can hold your iPads and doodads and whathaveyous without missing a beat. I like the messenger bag a lot because they make you feel like you’re going somewhere– “oh excuse me kind sir, I am on my way to someplace to deliver something of importance. Sorry for bumping you into the oncoming metro train!” A very useful bag indeed!

The more casual messenger on the right is from JackThreads and the more formal brown bag can be found at Asos.  messengerbag.jpg I was very excited to receive a weekender bag from Bespoke Post yesterday. These very fashionable bags are for the adventurer– for those of us who like to get away to, I don’t know, the Hampton’s or the Caimans or to the South Dakota Reptile Gardens, for the weekend. They’re big enough to hold all your dirty clothes and a small desert lizard. The carryall on the left is from Asos and the one on the right is what I got courtesy of Bespoke Post. Can’t wait to put live creatures in it!weekenderbag.jpg

Now obviously there are a ton of bags out there, and as long as it holds your various life accouterment, I say wear it with pride. However, I do have one beg no no– it’s this guy:

nobagIt’s some sort of tiny mesh bag that some athletes wear… which, honestly, just makes them look like very large people, or big bulldogs. In any event, please don’t! Just don’t! Borrow your girlfriends Lululemon gym bag instead if you have to. Just stop embarrassing your gender!

  One thought on “Man bags

  1. Sissy
    March 12, 2015 at 11:34 am

    I agree with the mesh-type ones. They are HORRIBLE and ugly and plus they don’t hold very much!


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