Cheap ass sundays


While most Americans take Sundays to rest (i.e. eat) and hit the buffets (i.e. eat too much), I am out there hustling and twerkin’ for a good deal! In this new feature of Skyway Living, I take you with me down the rabbit hole, in search of a good online deal. For this week, I am on a quest for a new kitchen rug (our current rug, as I’m sure you can imagine, has succumbed to Cheeto dust and street paw residue). 



The Courtyard rug from Wayfair, which fits nicely with the rustic flair that’s been making inroads in our apartment. I’m a fan of the blue jean and beige colors, and at $30 for 2’7″ x 5′ of rug, this is a steal! REMINDER: SHOPLIFTING IS A CRIME*


*only if you don’t get away with it


This adorable and fun rug, called Breakfast March, is from Dot & Bo. I love it so much because the coffee is the HBIC, like it is in my household. At only $27, it’s a bargain considering how much joy and breakfast realness it will bring. The mint color and sunny optimism make it a perfect fit for my mid-century modern leaning kitchen. The only thing I would add to this rug is a can of diet coke on the end of the procession… because I’m disgusting. A disgusting diet coke addict. I’d put it in my cereal if it was socially acceptable. Yum!



Oh man. The cheapest find of the week goes to the Stripestep Cotton Dhurrie rug from West Elm. This 2′ x 6′ runner is only 15 bucks! IT IS SO CHEAP FOR WHAT YOU ARE GETTING! Seriously, that’s less than a $1 per square foot– I think! I don’t know! I don’t do math on Sundays, but I’m pretty sure that’s a cheap ass deal. One for the record books. The Guinness Book of the World’s Biggest Cheap Asses (I’m on the cover).

You know I bought it. I bought it real good. Thanks West Elm!



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