Ah crap, I bought it

IMG_5390Okay you little fussbudgets, your gaudy taste really knows no bounds, does it?! I up and bought that porcelain puppy because you told me to. Thankfully, you had the good sense to say no to the owl and fox jars (although, TBH, I would’ve bought them to if they weren’t sold out)!

In any event, I LOVE THE STUPID CERAMIC DOG. It’s pretty cute! And a way better dresser than most of you– I didn’t even notice that he’s wearing a suit and tie until he got here. Now, he holds eminent prominence in my home. Here he is trying out the various tchotchke spots throughout the apartment:

IMG_5388 IMG_5393 IMG_5387So, thank you! Thank you all for giving me reasons to be tacky!

As if I needed your permission.

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