Fierce Flower Fridays

IMG_5480I would love to get into the mind of a 1970’s interior designer– it must have been something like, “more orange and yellow, please. Oh, and also synthetic fibers. I can’t get enough of these stretchy and incredibly flammable fabrics! Plus, baby’s breath… do we have more baby’s breath? I would like to put it in every single flowery thing ever. Thanks.” 

Of course, I’m not saying that everything the Seventies brought us was bad. After all, it was the decade of disco and big-ass hair. I love big-ass fluffy hair. So, in honor of the decade of flower power, I bring you some big-ass flowers in orange and yellow for this week’s Fierce Flower Fridays:


For this fun spring mix, I combined orange ranunculus with yellow tulips, and then brightened the whole bouquet with white tiger lilies.

Also, Cher and Donna Summer sang to them at Studio 54. That’s why they look strung out and hyper (cocaine).

Okay, that’s all for now.

Happy spring, flower bitches!IMG_5484IMG_5492

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