Welcome to my home

photo1 This weekend I took some professional shots of myself because, one, I wanted to wear makeup and, two, I’m a very serious person who needs some “Welcome to My Home Hostess” head shots. 

I think they turned out pretty okay, but I really need some eyeliner. Or lipstick. Or something, right? Just kidding… I’m adorable. Just kidding, I’m not that vain. But I am pretty cute. I need to host an artisan cocktail party STAT! With gourmet marshmallows! And soft cheeses!

photo21 Look, I bought MORE flowers! Douglas is going cut my flower budget, isn’t he?! But, I do look like a legit florist in this shot. It says “I can use scissors without supervision”– which is, like, very important for a florist. Go me!photo22Aw, it’s me and Ms. Nola! She looks really grumpy… because she was. We were moving around a lot, and frankly, she prefers when we don’t move from the couch. Ever. Not even to the bathroom. And especially if I shut the door. That’s plain treason!IMG_5590Another shot of me working over those flowers. Don’t worry, they had a good time. Also, I’m not sure how much I like my ginger beard. Should I dye it blonde? Or wear a santa beard? I don’t know. Just thoughts.

And here’s a Nola outtake shot:


Oh Ms. Nola, that’s not how you pose for a photo. You got to stick that punim right into the light. And smile like you are important, and have better things to do then sit for the plebes. What a silly puppy.

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