Monthly bitch accessories


For the urban lady dog, there are an assortment of wonderful and practical canine accessories that make life more comfortable. And let’s be real, comfort is the number one goal for the modern city bitch. Ms. Nola, the queen bitch of my house (and trust me when I say that there is some stiff competition for that title), loves soft blankets. No, scratch that, she loves anything that’s soft– she would lie in a dirty Giardia infested gutter as long as it was soft and fuzzy! She’s pretty gross. 

So as the handler for a diva lady dog, I’ve found some soft accessories that appeal to the comfort-minded pup.

First up– blankets. There are a few decent brands of dog blankets out there, but why limit ourselves to canine specific blankets when there are a melange of human blankets to choose from? Basically what I’m saying is, Ms. Nola thinks she people. Her favorite blanket is the Kess InHouse Skye Zambrana “Swiss Cross White” Fleece Throw Blanket that we got from Amazon.


I would never tell her this of course, but it was not originally purchased for her. No, I meant it to be for me, a human. A bipedal human. But, whatever. It’s hers now! What I like most about this blanket is that it’s just her size. Most doggy blankets only come in one giant size. It’s nice to have a smaller, more appropriate blanket for Ms. Nola and her stubby legs.

IMG_4440Just for the sake of reference, the blankets made explicitly for dogs that I recommend are:

Berkshire Blankets-


And from In the Company of Dogs-

lf (1)  Look at how comfortable this bitch is wrapped in one of her fine doggy blankets:


The other comfort item I’d like to talk about is the doggy t-shirt. It’s cute, it’s cozy, and it keeps the street dirt off of saggy nipples! Shockingly, the perfect fitting bitch-t is from American Apparel. For real. And the shirts are cheap! They recently had a sale so good I bought 13 t-shirts!

bb953n_white_neonheatherblueMs. Nola won’t be happy that I’ve posted this adorable pup, but I can’t help it! I just wanna squeeze that punim!

Anyway, the t-shirts are perfect for spring in Minneapolis. They’ll keep her clean and on fleek (That will be my first and last time using that word. I just wanted to prove that I’m still hip and young. So bite me.)

Okay, that’s all for now! See you next month, bitches (and I mean actual, literal bitches)!

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