Oh that Target

IMG_5812So I know I was a smidgen critical of some of the things in Nate Berkus’ previous line at Target, but ohmygrahamcrackers, his new stuff is transcendent. In particular, I am in love with the new office supplies. Case in point– I stood in the officey aisle of Target today moaning in delight at all of the new accessories… “oh, that’s cuuuuute” “Gaaaawwwd, that’s adorable” “uhhhnnohhhsnackpickle” [inaudible] *dribble* *dribble* 

I think it goes without saying– except I’ll say it anyway– that I was the recipient of some major side-eye from Mrs. Judy Ladyblazer and her friend, Dame Busy Businesswoman. Well, as our Lord and Savior TayTay Swift would say, “I stalk Jake Gyllenhaal every Tuesday night.” Oh wait, no… something about haters hatin’!

I managed to stop myself from just dumping whole shelves of goodies into my basket (only because I don’t have much of an office to speak of). The one thing I couldn’t resist, though, was the insanely cute frenchie tape dispenser by Threshold. IT IS SO CUTE! I NEVER USE SCOTCH TAPE! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO USE FOR IT! FASHION BEFORE FUNCTION! BEAUTY BEFORE BRAINS!

Annnnnyway– back to the Berkus! His new items, while continuing with the 80’s flair, are much more clean and modern. Lot’s of white and gold, which are always sleek and in style. These are the items that I’m currently obsessing over, probably keeping me awake later tonight:


1. snail place card holders 2. square geo vase in white 3. letter sorter 4. faceted gold detail bowl 5. divided sticky note pad 6. desktop tray

I’m pretty sure I’ll get the vase soon, but I’ll wait to see which of the other items pop up on clearance (I’m cheap above all else). Snaps to Target from upping the ante on stealing all of my money!

And extra snaps for being supporters of equality!


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