Fierce Flower Fridays


Welcome to this edition of Fierce Flower Fridays! This week, in honor of The Jesus, it’s all about Easter lilies. And for the first time ever, I tried Internet flowers. Yes, that’s right, you can order boxes of flowers right over the World Wide Web and have them delivered to your home or domicile! Now I’ve seen everything! Well, except for a man who looked good in cargo pants that is (yes, I’m talking to you Europe).

I’ve been dying to try Internet flower purveyor, The Bouqs, for some time (TBH, I’ve been waiting for the right coupon code), so this week I pulled the trigger (of a glue gun, not a gun gun… I am peaceful and delicate) and ordered up their “Eggstra Awesome Lilies” bouquet. Well, it arrived yesterday– and it is as awesome as advertised! The flowers were fresh and plentiful. Monte bravo, as the Pope would say!

Here are a couple of shots that Douglas took, using a magical sunset feature on the camera:



And here are some glamour shots that I took:


IMG_5965 IMG_5959The vase is a newbie to the house of Jeremy Gauthier©– what a lucky vase! I acquired it from CB2,  and it’s called the Beehive.


Many of the buds haven’t opened yet. I keep hearing them whisper “turn around, we’re shy.” What decorum! That’s a classy flower!

IMG_5931So that’s it for this episode of Fierce Flower Friday! Next week we explore which flower arrangements are best for strippers. We’ll answer your questions about nipple tassels while exploring how to get the light right for both your tulips and lap dances. Stay tuned!

Happy Easter

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