Thank you for the sales, Easter Bunny!


Easter isn’t typically known as a holiday for big sales– greed and gluttony and all that– but, I don’t let a little religion deter me from finding a good deal! In fairness, I did have a little Easter miracle of my own when I discovered  that I had some CB2 reward points to spend. I’m usually very aware of all of my various rewards, but this one snuck up on me! So, gift from God? I think so.

First up, copper baskets! Which ended being free after I used my rewards! MIRACLE ON ICE! BEST SALE EVER! USA! USA!

As you can imagine (because I’m a little loose with my contact info), I get a lot of magazines and catalogs– even Teen Vogue has started showing up… and sometimes two at a time! So, I wanted a better way to organize the onslaught of my pre-teen literature. I’ll use the wall grid magazine basket to store the mags I’m currently reading. It has the advantage of being within my arm’s reach when I’m on the couch– which is often. I like sitting. Plus, theoretically, it can hold wine bottles, so 👍👍


The other copper wire storage basket will serve as a classy place to store my classy books. And, yes, the books in this pic have been carefully chosen– one of these books is not like the others…


This pillow is everything. Look how happy and shiny it is! He fits in quite nicely with his throw pillow brethren. His birth name is Geometric Foil Aqua, but I’ll call him HuggyBear.


This big fat birdy might be the best sale of the week. At $7.99, it’s well worth every penny. It’s definitely competing to be the cutest thing in the house, and Ms. Nola has taken notice. IMG_6027 IMG_6038

Another amazing deal this week is the Perfect Throw from West Elm. Several of the colors are only $9.99! I, of course, bought multiples in aquamarine, feather gray, and stone white. The blankets are soft, light weight, and well, perfect. Go git’ em. Go on now!


And here’s a bonus shot of the fierce Easter lilies that Douglas took. Because why not?IMG_6006

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