Um, how cute is this?

corgiringIf you are searching for my birthday present, look no further! I’ll take 6 please!

Yes, this Corgi ring is a thing that exists on Etsy. Sometimes, crazy dog people are a real benefit to society.

The Yaci shop on Etsy also has these incredible items, which make me squee my pants:

pug ring


An aqua frenchie bulldog keychain? OMG TAKE ALL MY DOLLARS!


Frenchie butts! On your wrist! I would wear this without shame! It’s time for us men who like to wear doggy butts on our wrists to come out of the closet! Unite, Comrades! dogchain3

I want to cuddle with this metal mini elephant until it hurts!


Something for you crazy cat folks– they’ve got little plates of fish! How ridiculous! Give my one in every color!

Okay, back to your Sunday evenings. Enjoy the MTV awards I know you are secretly watching!

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