Twins opening day realness!


A. Vintage Rawlings Glove Wallet B. Silver dome Vintage Leather Baseball Tabletop Shelf Decor C. Minnesota Twins Harmon Killebrew Authentic 1969 Home Jersey D. Why Not Banner E. Vintage Baseball Bat Bar Stools F. Black Hickory Stripe Coasters G. Los Angels Halos Cap

Even as far back as my days as a baby gay, I’ve been a huge fan of baseball– and more specifically, the Colorado Rockies, who never stop disappointing me… much like the color pink consistently does (stop using it as a home accent, Nate Berkus!). So, I’m very excited for today’s Minnesota Twins home opener! We will eat, drink, and be Mary (heyyyyyyy) despite the fact that the Twins will definitely lose. Today’s matchup with the Kansas City Royals is basically the best team in baseball versus the worse, so… at least I’ll have delicious food in my mouth! Oh, and the giveaway is a Twins hoodie… and we all know how much I like FREE STUFF. GIMMEGIMMEGIMME (I will knock over your precious toddler to get my free hoodie).

Anyway, I also love the aesthetic of vintage baseball– with it’s pine bats, leather gloves, and wool outfits (uniforms?). Luckily, the retro baseball look is totally in style! Look at the awesome items above! Those stools are EVERYTHING. And that wallet is incredibly creative!

Happy Opening Day, Minneapolitans! I’m going to try really hard to become a Twins fan… it’s hard to change! I’m old! And they suck!

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