Do I want this crap?


Yaayyyy! It’s my favorite day of the month! It’s time for another edition of “Do I Want This Crap?!” This month, I’m featuring a weird looking giraffe and a melting skittles holder. 

First up, it’s Mr. Giraffe from Domino:

Pro: It’s bright and happy! Plus, it looks like a bag of egg yolks– which reminds me of making cheesecake! That’s only a small synaptic misfire away from my favorite Golden Girls episode. Yay!

Con: He looks like he may have suffered a stroke recently… too many salty treats, Mr. Giraffe! Better use that tongue to lick something else! Also, if I saw this figure in my dreams, I would take it as a sign of impending death. So…

Next up, we have a glass candy dish from Dot & Bo:


Con: I can’t think of anything less classy than using a dish that looks like a ziplock baggy to accessorize your home. Don’t get it twisted, as a househusband, I NEED my ziplock baggies– but as home decor? Trailerrrrr trrrrrrash! Am I right? You were all thinking it.


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