Cheap ass Sundays!


Hey y’all, cheap ass in the house! That big ol’ chintzy bitch is here!

(And just to be clear, I’m the cheap ass. Not my husband or my dog… they’re just frugal).

And gurrrl, I’m here to tell you– don’t put it on credit! I’ve got deals so good you can slam down cold hard cheddar.

Okay, so now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s talk what’s cheap this week.

First up, we’ve got a handful of deals from the always delicious West Elm. They’ve got some amazing sales on bedding right now. You could easily refresh your bedroom for less than 70 bucks! If you want to be just like me (and who doesn’t), how about an orange and grey color scheme?


A. The Pop Plaid Duvet Cover is only $29.99 for a full/queen

B. The 2′ x 3′ Melange Flatweave Cotton Rug is only $9.99!!

C & D. The Handcrafted Subtracted Diamonds Pillow Covers are only $14.99 each (down from $44!)

The next stop on our cheap ass tour is, of course, CB2– a place where a cheap ho can stay chic and on budget!


A. The Hong Kong pillow is adorable and so modern! And at only $19.99 it’s a real bargain. I’ve had my eye on this pillow for a hot minute, so now might be the time to snatch it up! Snatch. It. Up.

B. At $10.99, the Effervescence pillow might be the best deal of the week. Note that the pillow insert is included in that price. You couldn’t find a deal that sweet even at your local Goodwill! I know, I’ve checked!

C. You can score this 4 piece old-fashioned glass set for only $3.99! This deal is so good, I’ve already taken advantage of it!

D. Look how adorable this little hedgehog candleholder is. And for only $1.99 he’s practically begging you to take him home. Perhaps to haunt your dreams?

E. I love this classy victory candleholder. It’s chic enough for your most traditional table setting, but it’s also modern enough to rock your new age hipster co-op. Right now, it’s only $1.99. Buy at least two!

One of the great joys of my life is finding that cute Nate Berkus home accessory item on clearance at Target. I do a quick check every time I’m there– hoping and wishing and praying that I find something I’ve been eyeing on the cheap!

natecheap1. The wood resin inlay tray is only $20.98 right now, down from $29.99. It’s rustic yet modern feel is great for most home styles. There are about a million things you can do with this tray– I’d use it mostly for snacks. I like snacks.

2. I’ve already purchased the square geo vase, and I’m planning on putting it to use at next week’s Fierce Flower Friday. Can’t wait! It’s currently on sale for $15.99. Holla!

3. While not technically on sale, the desktop basket is only $6.99. That’s hard to beat! I love it’s 80’s flair! Plus, it reminds me of my grandma! And yours too!

4. I’m all about studded pillows right now. I think they’re fun and sexy– maybe it’s because of the word “stud”? Who knows! But they are definitely flirty. This metallic stud pillow in ivory is currently $23.99.

5. This chevron accent rug is only $7.48. Um, that’s what we call a fuckin’ steal! Sorry for the strong language, but it’s warranted. Warranted real fuckin’ hard.

6. If I don’t get this faceted gold detail bowl I’ll scream. Perhaps at a high pitch? Perhaps I’ll make some ears bleed? Maybe I’ll make a baby cry? I don’t know, but let’s now find out. Luckily, at $14.39 I can make it fit my budget.

When it fits you feel it (does JC Penny’s really not know how naughty that sounds?)

Okay cheap asses, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope you see something that works for your budget. Or not. I don’t care. Get some more money if you don’t like what I’m offering. Then, when you’re rich, you can make it rain. And buy what you want. When your money is long. Haha. Like that’ll happen. Love you!

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