Fierce Flower Fridays!


Hey there, you fierce person! Welcome to Friday! You made it! Are you going to party like a rock star this weekend? Maybe like a one-legged stripper? How about a twenty year old bed wetter? Or perhaps you’ll let your hair down like a mom at a sex toy party? Who knows?! Life is yours! Take it! Eat it!

Whatever happens, my dear friends, know that I’ll be here, decorating my ass off for your pleasure and amusement. And as such, this week I’m offering up some tulip and hydrangea realness for Fierce Flower Fridays. I tried a new florist this time– Indulge and Bloom— which, happens to be just a couple of buildings over, and on the skyway! No going outside for this pasty ginger!

I love the stark contrast between these two flowers– and how, together, they reinforce each other’s dramatics. Kind of like a couple of bitches on the Real Housewives of Orange County (OG cast for life!).


The vase, which I’ve been coveting, is from Nate Berkus’ Target brand. I love it! It’s alllll class!


Of course there’s a ball shot. It wouldn’t be Friday without some balls in your face, am I right? IMG_6549

Sadly, I broke my copper ball in the making of this photo. So, you know, buy me another one you moochers. IMG_6578

Okay, so with this post, spring is officially on! Go out and enjoy it! Pick some flowers! But don’t steal them from your neighbor! Unless you want to give them to me! Stealing is okay if it’s for me (look at me sounding like a Republican)!

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