Official Odoriferous Mondays (OOM)!


As you know, my precious friends, I am a candle fiend. I usually have two or more burning in my apartment at any given time. Thankfully, both Douglas and Ms. Nola are very accepting of my flambeau addiction (someone has a thesaurus!). Or at least they pretend to be. In any event, I don’t care– I will burn my candles until there’s nothing left to burn! You won’t pry the candles away from me, well not unless they stop making wax or something… OMG is that a possibility?!!? There’s a shortage of wax isn’t there?! What aren’t you telling me? Wax making bees are going extinct, aren’t they?! TELL ME!

Okay, so rather than just wallow in my addictions and irrational fears, I’m going to help the world! Well, make it less bad anyway! I’m so ambitious!

With that, I humbly present Official Odoriferous Mondays, or OOM!


(maybe I didn’t think about that name enough)

Today, we’re going to gossip like teenagers from The Valley about 3 candles I love, and 1 that is no bueno.

First up, some housekeeping items:

I’ve rated the candles on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), and on 3 dimensions–

(1) Aroma; how does it smell? Is the scent pleasant? How about the fragrance? Would I bathe in it? Would I roll around on the ground like a dog if I smelled it on the street? Cuz I do that.

(2) Power; how strong is the scent? Do I smell it in another room? Does it cover up Ms. Nola farts? Does it alter my mood? And not just because I’m rolling on smack?

(3) Longevity; relative to its size, how long does it last? Basically, am I getting my $$$$$$’s worth?

So, the good:

1. Illume’s Cactus Verde. This candle is delicious– the aroma is slightly floral, but also very clean. It blends masculine and feminine scents very well. Which is not an easy task. It also fills a room very well, especially for a single wick candle. Overall, I likey. I likey a lot.


2. Trapp’s Wild Currant. This candle might be my all time favorite. If you like currant (which I pronounce “curr-onnnnt” like a fancy person), you’ll adore this candle. The currant scent is very clean and pure. It also carries very well– I can smell it down the hall of my apartment building! I’m sure my neighbors love me! And not just because of the blaring Britney remixes I play for them every morning!


Thyme’s Mandarin Coriander. I’m a big fan of Thymes, and not just because they’re a local Minneapolis brand! But also because all of their products are quality and top-shelf. I love this Mandarin Coriander candle– it’s citrusy and slightly savory, but also very very clean. So clean, in fact, I also use the all purpose cleaner to clean my kitchen, cleaningly. It’s clean, okay!


Okay, now the bad:

Nate Berkus’ scented candle for Target, which you can only find in stores right now, is no bueno. However, it’s not bad because it smells bad. On the contrary, it’s a very lovely scent. My problem with the candle is that you can’t smell it while it burns :(. Perhaps a very subtle scent might attract some of you, but for me, I need to be knocked over by the smell. Basically, I want it to envelop me like a warm Summer’s Eve (wait, what?). Sorry Mr. Berkus, but they can’t all be winners!

candletest4I hope you enjoyed the first edition of OOM! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these candles, and what you think of them. Also, holla at ya boy if you know of a candle that I just HAVE to try! I love recommendations! Especially if I hate and can mock you later for it! Yay!

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