Coveting thy neighbor Tuesdays: Minnesota cabin edition!


What do I love more than candles and Target? Coveting. That’s right, I get off on peering over your backyard fences (yes, I’m talking to you!). And I’ve always been that way… when I was a wee little ginger boy-child, one of my favorite things was looking into people’s homes as we drove by at night; you can see everything if the lights are on! Don’t worry, I wasn’t trying to look at the people (that was only a bonus!), I was really just interested in their stuff. How did they set up their homes? How did they decorate? Did they have $$$$$? Could I rob them later? Just joking!

Okay, so I don’t do that anymore… at least while not driving anyway (I LOVE LIVING IN A HIGH-RISE DOWNTOWN THOUGH). Instead, I get my jollies off by looking at homes on Houzz. You can find everything interior design on the site, and I spend a lot of my time being a home decor peeping tom on it, so I want to share what leering at this week.

Welcome to Minnesota cabin realness 2015! Look at these homes I’m coveting:

OMG. It’s like having your very own Gunther Toodys! I would eat french fries, malt shakes, and grilled cheese sandwiches for every meal. Diabetes here I come!

How adorable is this Ms. Nola sized cabin? I could totally be comfortable in their. Plus, I might be able to afford something like it in the future. It’s so accessible!

Okay, so this one might be more your speed. It’s huge! I like huge! I know you like huge! Also, this cabin’s on a lake. Did you know there are a butt-load of lakes in Minnesota? Of course you didn’t. Nobody knows anything about Minnesota. A Kardashian didn’t come here.

This cabin is called Eagle Harbor, which sounds like a gay bar… so, that’s good. The modern and clean design and home decor means that it’s probably owned by a gay person… so that’s good too. Also, it’s perfect.

Holy moly! The little ginger boy in me is squealing at this one. Okay, the big boy me is also squeeing. What lucky little children live here? And do you think they are accepting new friends?

That bathroom is EVERYTHING. If that was my house, I’d probably never leave that potty. Just slide some grilled cheese and french fries under the door, and leave me be.

Okay, so that’s what I’m coveting this week? What’s getting you off this week? And keep it clean, you pervs! Unless it’s really kinky! Then, take pics!

Enjoy your Tuesday! Stay sassy!

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