Thank you for the sales: summer realness edition

IMG_6680Hi friends! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the mens are wearing tank-tops again! That could only mean one thing… men have no fashion sense! Haha, no– it means summer is a comin’ of course! And because I would never subject you to pictures of me in a tank-top (maybe some cutoff jeans though!), I’m getting ready for summer by shopping for cute home accessories!

For this edition of THANK YOU FOR THE SALES, I turn to the classics– West Elm and Crate and Barrel.

Here are the delicious and budget-friendly goodies I procured from West Elm:

westelmA. The Signature Zig-Zag Pillow, only $14.99, is clean and modern. And because I tend to be drawn to straight lines, this a perfect addition to my home. Turns out, this pillow is actually the straightest thing in my house (low-bar).

B. An assorted set of 4 of the Mid-Century Stamp Bowls are currently on sale for $14.99. Use them for a fresh and healthy snack like donut holes or cookie dough! So summery!

C. I’m really in love with this Outdoor Metal Rectangle Tray, which is only $17.99. It’s small, but it gets the job done! I’ll bet you’ve said that before! And in a very bright and sunny tone too! That’s just what we have to do, am I right ladies?!

D. You can get 4 of these Fish Napkins for only $9.99! That’s like $2 something per napkin! I don’t do math! But that’s a zesty sale!


And at Crate and Barrel, I got a little throw blanket crazy:

cbA. The Gillespie Throw looks like a sweater you’d wear on a fancy cruise! I like that! It’ll look great on my 2015 South Bay 724 Sport Deluxe boat! Haha, as if! I just googled “boats” and found the one with the most pretentious sounding name. The closest thing to a boat I own is my toilet’s float ball (haha… I googled that too… I don’t know nuthin’ about no plumbin’!).


B. It’s not enough for me to just drink a cocktail anymore– no, now I need to inhale my liquor (it’s either that or intravenous use, but I hate needles and dying). So, that’s why this Mint Julep candle by the Chicago Candle Co. is perfect for me! I love it! It makes my home smell like Fire Island after Memorial Day weekend, but minus the shame and poppers! Yay!


C. I’m gagging (in a good way) for the Flynn Throw. Not only was it a steal at $19.97, but it’s one of my new favorites. It’s absolutely stunning, even though Ms. Nola is using it as her own personal fart smock! Because that’s what happens to all of my throw blankets in the end 😦


Okay, so that’s all I bought this week… that’s what I’m telling my husband anyway! What did you buy this week? Did you score some sweet deals? Tell me! I promise not to tell your partner! Or your cat! Whomever! Just let me know if I’m missing a good sale!



P.S. look at these pretty flowers from my very own ranunculus plant!



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