Um, how cute is this?


Happy Sunday, Fiercelings! Welcome to this edition of “Um, how cute is this?” This week I’m all about cute trays! I love a good tray– you can put stuff on them, you can hold them like a fun hostess, you can look at them, and other utilitarian things too!

The latest addition to my tray collection is this adorable whale, designed by Thomas Paul, that I found at Burke Decor.


Look how adorable he is! It’s a smiling whale! Anthropomorphizing is fun! And not only do I love how cute the whale is, but the colors are perfect too. I could bathe in that scrumptious aqua blue everyday. That’s probably better than jumping in the Mississippi to take a bath, which is something I would NEVER do. That would be gross, right? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, here’s where Mr. Whale will make his home– between Mr. Fattius Bird and Ms. Frenchy Bulldogington:


Simply stunning!

And if whales aren’t your’e thing (you monster!), Thomas Paul has also designed this cute cutie cute cute Octopus tray:


And you know what’s even cuter? Both trays are less than $25! Plus, everything is 20% off on Burke Decor today (don’t worry if you miss it… they have site-wide sales fairly often!).

So, apparently, beach animals have the corner marketed on cute trays this season because look at this cutie from West Elm:


Why does a walrus need a flotation device?! That’s adorable! If not a little disconcerting!

In addition to the walrus, West Elm has a pelican and crab too. And I never thought I’d see an adorable crab, but here he is:


What’s he got in that bag, I wonder? I hope there’s a boiling pot and some butter in it! 😛

And finally, bucking the aquatic trend, this French Bulldog tray is enough cute to explode your mind:


This little doggie is only $20 on, and is perfect for the hipster dog lover in your life (which is you, admit it)!

Alright, so what’s got you squeeing today? Do you have any cute trays? Is it weird to serve crab on a cute crab tray? Asking for a friend.



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