Welcome to the world Princess Char!

charI was hoping that they’d name her Diana, but I guess Queen Elizabeth said “hell no, cheerio chap!” Or something Britishy. I’m not totally disappointed though, because I think Charlotte is a classy name. I can’t wait until she’s like 22 when we see her in tabloids with the headline, “Char Gets Charred at the Altar.” And we can all revel in her misery– that’s our right as former British subjects, isn’t it? I think I saw that in the Constitution, next to the one about Freedom to Have Arby’s Fries.

It’s been awhile since I read the Constitution. 

In any event, I’d like to use the birth of the Royal Princess to talk baby furniture. And I don’t mean really small furniture– I mean furniture for young humans, which are called babies.


1. Bowery Crib from The Land of Nod. I love this crib so much that I might buy it for myself! I think it would be an awesome napping pod. I’m not sure if the unicorns come with it, but I hope so.

2. Uptown Wide Dresser from The Land of Nod. The mid-century modern style of this dresser makes it a perfect compliment to any home. Not for nothing, but I think the dresser would also make a fantastic bar. I’m not sure if babies drink, but it’s never too early to become a classy hostess! Bottles up!

3. Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair from Pacifier. I’m a huge fan of lime green accents for babies’ rooms. It’s gender neutral and very stimulating for growing brains. And it’s soothing for mommys and daddies with hangovers.

4. Alto Rocker from Oh Baby! Speaking of hangovers, this chair is necessary for all parents who like sitting. It’s both comfy and stylish– a real coup in the chair industry!

5. ABC Dresser from Pottery Barn Baby. I love a piece of furniture that is simultaneously functional and educational! You can teach yourself the ABCs so that, one day, you will be able to help your 4 year old with his or her homework! What a good parent you’ll be!

6. Kusiner Box from Ikea.  Initially, I thought this was a crib with a lid– which, honestly, I thought was a good idea– but no, it’s just a box! A cute box! But a box nonetheless. I mean, there’s no way I could put a baby in it, is there? Like, it’s not even up for discussion? Or is it an off-label use for a box? No? Okay, then. I guess I’ll stop putting babies in boxes, you judgey people!

Alright, well that’s all I got today! I hope you all have lots of babies! Let me know how it goes!

XOXO Sidehug AirKiss,


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