Another day another tray

IMG_7821So I’m really into trays right now. 

I think I like tray design because it gives me an excuse to have a tea party. A tea party for grown ups. No stuffed animals allowed (sorry Marty and Gabbana… yes, they have names). Instead, I like to pretend I have lot’s of fancy friends coming over, like on Barefoot Contessa, but it’s really just me and my Nola. My husband is stuck in Texas for business. Too bad because he likes tea.

Oh, that green stuff isn’t tea though. I just wanted it to match the theme of the tray, so I made green water. Don’t drink too much of it though. I’ll bet your poo will turn green. So, actually, maybe you should drink a lot of it. Green poo would be fun. Anyway, it’s all pretend.

So, come, please join me at my latest green water tea party for some fun and reverie:





And for your perusal, here are some of the green water tea party items seen above:

tea party2

Wow! Wasn’t that fun?! Thanks for joining me! Don’t forget to tip your servers (me)!

Until my next tray design party,


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