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Hi friends! Long time, no see! I’ve been on what the ancient Inca liked to call a “blogcation.” Yes, my part-time lovers, I’ve been high up in the Peruvian Andes hugging llamas and fighting hypoxia– it’s where all the design bloggers go to hone their craft and cuddle alpacas! And I simply haven’t had the time to type things on a personal computing device! Continue reading

A Skyway Update

Oh, hi friends! Sorry for no posts, but I’ve been getting ready to go on something the French call a “vacation”– have you heard of it? Probably not. It’s very exclusive. 

Oh that Target


Other than being the dispensary for my pharmaceuticals (for which I am very thankful), Target also happens to be a grade A outlet for home decor. In recent years, Target has also been pumping out affordable and on trend items from designers like Nate Berkus and Lilly Pulitzer. And, as you well know, I am obsessed with all the goodies I find there.

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